A Gun for All 50 States!

This week our goal is a rifle that is legal virtually everywhere in the United States; plus, a Henry to be left out in the rain!

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #55.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Flying Dragon Ltd.

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Browning BLR

MPI Fiberglass Stocks

Negrini Gun Cases

1895 Winchester

Skinner Sights

Henry .410X

The Music of Casey Parnell


  1. This is a podcast that a lot of people should hear. I think the levergun is the best overall choice, but a compact bolt action with a detachable mag could be an alternative for folks who are totally immersed in that system from a lifetime with bolt actions (or who happen to have that available to them right now).

    My legal everywhere long gun has been a pump shotgun: either a Mossberg 500 20 gauge or .410 Youth model. Simple, tough and compact. You’re absolutely right: .410 buckshot can be serious medicine. Shotshells are the only ammo I can frequently still find on the shelves. It’s all birdshot, but for a reloader, that’s not a very big problem. I look at them as primed cases that also contain some components I may be able to use (though the powder goes on my lawn).

    By the way, if you’d asked us, your listeners, we could have donated some .410 buckshot to the cause!

    I’ve said it before: my favorite podcast!

  2. As is usually the case, your article was very informative, as well as very interesting.

    However the article overlooks, what I believe to be a very important point.

    Some, including myself, don’t give a rat’s rear-end if our guns are legal in some POS State, like NY, NJ, CA, WA, et al.

    If those Bozo’s need a compliant gun, they should step up to the plate and get their silly laws changed to make all guns compliant.

    Not my job to comply with folks who can’t fight their own battles.

    But, like I started off, your article was a good one.



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