A Screaming Anti-Mask Rant

Well, not quite, but Michael has some important points on the continued circus of masks, masks and more masks.

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #69.
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  1. Michael, OMG. I suffered all the way through this one. Just like you don’t care about their opinion on masks, no one really cares about yours! Everyone has their own opinion already, and you didn’t change anyone’s mind!

    Let’s talk about guns dammit…please!

  2. Michael, I have a better idea for the illustrious Mr. Downs. Simply start his own podcast. That way, the opinions, repeat, opinions stated can be his own, and he won’t have to bother to listen to yours, or anyone else’s.
    Myself, I prefer to listen to your opinions, and thoughts about just about anything that come into your head, from masks, to music, to guns, to gun leather, to self defense, to the people you met in your younger days living in NY City. Even thoughts about some of the greats of country music, and some of the ones of today that you might find worthwhile.
    Speaking of which, I use Yahoo for my email. On their mainpage today, they had some female country singer, who was gushing about her recent breast implants, with a picture of said breasts, along with a line about her going through divorce, and how her husband was getting called upon to help out while she was undergoing recovery, with the two kids.
    While I like to look at the female form, I can’t say that I either recognized her name, or any possible songs that she might have sung. But I bet she will be going on tour soon, with a new wardrobe, suitably slutty, of course.
    I grew up in a tiny town, with the nearest small city about 40 miles away. My dad had several brothers who lived in the city, and so on Saturdays, we often went to the city to buy food for the week, and then to visit his brothers. Then on the way home, either I or my twin brother would lay in the back window of our sedan, and listen to the Grand Ole’ Opry, on AM radio. That is country music to me, and while I was born in 1960, and thus was part of the rock and roll generation, I also am part of the real country generation. I played in a band, mostly saxophones, playing both rock and roll, and old country. I feel betrayed by the music industry in that the way that they make music now, it is not done the way it was, even as far back as the early 90’s, when I was active.
    I played a few sessions, back then, for some forgettable groups, and some radio commercials. It is simply not done that way anymore. Oh, and in case you missed it, one of the latest members of the Rock and Roll hall of fame, is none other than the great Jay-Z. Not Bad Company, Badfinger, Foreigner, Kansas, Pat Benatar, REO Speedwagon, and a bunch of other deserving groups and individuals. But thank the rock gods that Jay-Z is now a member of the HOF.
    Mostly, thank God that I am able to down load from Spotify just about all of the old songs and groups from the past that both played and sang worth a lick. I always thought it would come back to those who could sing and play an instrument. It seems that I was mistaken.
    Oh, and thanks for this weeks podcast. I found it both informative, and interesting. I always stay up late on tuesday night, waiting for it to post, since I am a 3rd shifter for life. Even retired, I can’t sleep until the wee hours of the morning. Have a wonderful spring, and safe travels. If you get to the Bowling Pin Shoot in Michigan, I hope to see you there. I will be the balding old guy, with the NRA hat. Should be easy to find me.


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