America on the Brink… again

Once again we are faced with breathtakingly violent urban riots, and it is incumbent on every person to know the best ways to keep them and their families safe! This is an excellent place to start.

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #22.
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Host: Michael Bane
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  1. I live in Michigan, and knew about the first protest in Lansing, our capitol. I heard the next one was coming, and considered going in support of the movement. Then I heard the rumor that some of the idiots were going to bring weapons to the protest. It was at that point that I backed out of any thought of going to the event.
    I still supported the thought of the protest, but the inclusion of firearms had changed the whole feeling of the event, into a violent mess. And I was right, that is what happened. It turned the idea of a useful protest into something that instead was used by the leftist media to show the protesters as being a bunch of knuckle dragging violent idiots. And they might actually have been fairly close to being right.
    You can’t do things wrong, and expect the right outcome.

    • Please try again on the “Protesters Attack Vehicle link. It was working this morning and in front of the paywall. And you’re correct about the video version of the June 1 podcast.


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