An End of Week Quick Note on Pocket Pistols

A Funky Little Monster
A Funky Little Monster

I picked up a really cool Sig Sauer P238 yesterday, the Diamond Plate version. Funky little monster, to be sure. As I’ve mentioned before, my pocket carry gun for years and years was a Colt Mustang redone by the now-defunct Scott, McDougal & Associates. It’s still one of the best .380s ever made (although Marshal Halloway swears by the P238 and is a big reason I got this one). BIG CAVEAT HERE! Both the Mustang and the P238 are single-action semi autos. If you carry either gun cocked and locked in your pocket (as I did), you MUST have a sturdy pocket holster that covers the trigger! Sig provides a really nifty belt holster with the P238, so you’ve got options.

Here's Jeff's picture of the Colt Mustang

According to Brother Jeff Quinn from, Colt will be introducing the Ultralite version of the Mustang pretty soon. Marshal thinks we’ll have one for testing in June.

BTW, here’s Jeff’s review of the P238. Here’s the P238 review from The Firearm Blog. My understanding is that the Colt 7-round magazines will fit the Sig, and vice versa. I’ll check it out this weekend. I would like to point out that the P238 as it comes out of the box has lots of sharp edges…so did the Mustang until SM&A ground them off. If I was going to keep the gun, it would need to be dehorned. One thing I appreciate with the Ruger LCP, my every day all the time in-my-pants pistol, is that it’s pretty smooth out of the box.

Cross Draw Holster from Pocket Concealment Systems

BTW, one of my favorite holsters for the Mustang was this one from Pocket Concealment Systems, a cross draw that easily tucks under a sweater. It is I believe based on a Lou Alessi design, and he called it his “sweater holster”. I also like their Blackbird front pocket holster for jeans, and it works well for cocked and locked carry. I’m always experimenting with pocket holsters. As you know, I favor the DeSantis Nemesis for the Ruger LPC (and various and sundry J-frames, but I don’t like the soft Nemesis for a cocked and locked pistol. My favorite pocket holster, for the little NAA .32, was a “Pocket Natural” made by Jerry Ahern about a thousand years ago.

Pocket Natural made by Jerry Ahern

BTW-cubed, here’s an article I wrote back in 2007 that says exactly the same things I say today, proving perhaps that I am ultimately boring. Finally, you can find all the information in the world on little pistolas at


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