And Less We Forget Operation Fast and Furious…

MichaelBaneBlog500x295This from Sharyl Attkisson, one of two last legitimate journalists in America (Katie Pavlich would be the other), just after Christmas:

Sharyl Attkisson: Docs indicate ATF was using Fast and Furious to justify new gun regs.

Just as Second Amendment civil rights activists feared, federal government bureaucrats were supplying illegal firearms to Mexican drug cartels in the expectation that it would led to pressure for more regulation.

Gosh, what a surprise! When I was ranting that Eric Holder and Hilary Clinton were willing to stack Mexican bodies up like cordwood to accomplish their gun control goals, more than one “gun person” told me that I had finally crossed the line into full blown paranoia. My response was no other possible rationale fit. To borrow from Sherlock Holmes, “...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?

I think the blogger Ivy Mike’s Cafe captures the spirit of the Fast and Furious debacle and cover-up best:

If I were a psychopath…
…and I was firmly ensconced in the halls of power within a massive enforcement regime; and if I hated the exercise of an inviolable right by the mundanes I rule over to the point where I thought the state should “brainwash” people against it; and if I knew I would be able to get away with treason to undermine that right by smuggling contraband into a foreign country to foment a crisis in order to pass laws that chip away at that right; and if hundreds of people in that foreign country died as a result of my treason; and if officers in the very agencies I oversee die as a result of my treason; and if I have zero empathy for any of said people; would I be OK with officers getting killed in my own country by people I motivate to create a crisis that can help me get the laws passed to chip away at the right I so despise?
Yeah, I probably would.
If I were a psychopath…


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