Dave Spaulding

Dave Spaulding is the 2010 Law Officer Trainer of the Year and Law Officer’s Firearms columnist. A 28-year law enforcement veteran who retired at the rank of lieutenant, he is the founder of Handgun Compatives. He has worked in corrections, communications, patrol, evidence collection, investigations, undercover operations, training and SWAT—and has authored more than 1,000 articles for various firearms and law enforcement periodicals. He’s also the author of the best-selling book Defensive Living and Handgun Combatives.

Why Shooting Drills And Standards Are Important

Take a look at these set of drills designed to test reasonable combat speed and accuracy on a square range, with a minimal round count.

Dry Fire Training – the 2 x 2 x 2 drill

Many combative pistol skills can be mastered without ever firing a shot.

A 9mm Takeover?

Is FBI and other law enforcement agencies returning back to the 9mm round? Is it true the FBI has found a 9mm cartridge that “matches the wound ballistics of the .45”?

Thoughts on Instruction and Conflict

It’s fashionable these days to refer to a gunfight as a “critical incident” or a “crisis point” but I don’t think such phraseology tells the whole story.

What Should I Practice?

Bruce Lee said, “Advanced skills are the basics mastered,” which, in my mind, history has shown to be true, thus, practicing ESSENTIALS is a great place to spend your hard earned money and limited time.

Combative Fitness: Do you have it?

Do you have the upper body strength to pull yourself up and over a wall or fence? Can you help endangered loved ones up and over? Fleeing the scene of a life threatening event can be the best course of action, but can you?

Forget Fundamental…They’re Essentials!

Let me make this perfectly clear so there is no misunderstanding…shooting fundamentals are absolutely necessary…they are indispensable… in other words they are essential!!

Should we shoot on the move?

The legendary Bruce Lee said it well…” Advanced skills are the basics mastered”. Gunfighting is more than just punching holes in a target, though...

The Problem with Stopping Power

I have long been fascinated with the topic of handgun stopping power. For almost 25 years, I read everything I could on the topic....

Reading is Essential! If you wish to improve knowledge that is…

Many years ago, while attending a seminar on Instructional Skills/Adult Learning Theory, the instructor passed on this little tidbit… We retain 90% of what we...