Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Michael Bane

Michael Bane defies stereotypes. He has leveraged a career as a journalist, author, professional adventurer and acknowledged expert on firearms into some of the most innovative — and successful — shooting sports programming in the world.

Two Home Runs — Shadow Systems and the Sig Cross

This week we get the first look at two great 9mms from Shadow Systems and the Sig “Cross,” a rifle that does double duty as a long-range precision rifle and hunting. Also a look at two 1887 Winchester lever-action shotguns!

The Future is…Convergence

This week Michael worries about autumn and ponders the convergence of optics, ballistic computers and apps. Plus, sage words from Larry Potterfield on gun safety!

All Bang; No Bullet

This week Michael takes you through a “blank” firing gun, something many people talk about, but few have handled. Also, three products that really, truly shine!

Shooting Without Ammo!

In this TRIGGERED Special we’re back at the USCCA Expo and Training Event in Ft. Worth, TX, for a conversation with Rob Pincus and an examination of ways to practice when ammunition is in short supply.

Gun Safety on Media Sets!

With the tragic shooting on the set of the movie RUST, Michael steps you through how safety is supposed to work on television and movie sets and how it is different from range and match safety standards.

Halloween Blarney!

This week we dip back into our Archives for a Halloween visit to the Emerald Isle, Ireland, plus our 2018 first look at the Sig P365.

Great Binoculars — Maven B.3!

This week Michael talks about a great set of binoculars, the Maven B.3 compacts, plus some thoughts on keeping the pantry full during supply chain disruptions.

More from the USCCA EXPO!

On today’s TRIGGERED Special we start out with an interview with legendary knife trainer and THE BEST DEFENSE alumnus Michael Janich. There’s also a visit with Staccato, makers of some of the finest handguns in the world, and an interview with Ron Norton, importer of Barnaul Ammo, on the end of Russian ammunition.

Kimber’s Home Run R7!

This week it’s Kimber’s excellent R7 Mako, the company’s entry into the Itty-Bitty 9mm Hi-Cap Sweepstakes…Plus, the SDS Imports’ Zigana PX-9 Gen 2!

The Perfect Hiking Load-Out?

This week we talk about getting out on the trails to take advantage of the beautiful autumn weather and how those hikes change your EDC.