Saturday, November 26, 2022

Michael Bane

Michael Bane defies stereotypes. He has leveraged a career as a journalist, author, professional adventurer and acknowledged expert on firearms into some of the most innovative — and successful — shooting sports programming in the world.

Taurus Guns And Puppies

This week on SGO, I talk about my trip to Georgia and a Taurus Media Event, a new exiting product from Streamlight and an old friend, holster maker Ernie Hill.

Down Range Radio #619: The NRA Dust-Up

This week Michael talks about the NRA and what it is going to take to get that organization back on track.

Down Range Radio #618: Red Flag Laws

Michael Bane talks about Red Flag laws, death threats, vulnerability and being a target. He also talks handgun drills and coyote poop.

Down Range Radio #617: A Trip to Taurus

This week Michael wraps up his trip to Bainbridge, Georgia, and his visit to the new Taurus facility. He also talks about the Taurus guns that rang his chimes.

Down Range Radio #616: Mental Preparations

This week Michael talks about his confusion about what handgun(s) to compete with this year, and a bit about mental preparations, including dealing with emotions.

Down Range Radio #615: Anti-Gun Screeds

This week Michael delves into the fetid, feverish week of anti-gun screeds…

Down Range Radio #614: Report From The 2019 Tactical Conference

This week Michael recaps Tac-Con 2019 in New Orleans; plus, some thoughts on analyzing risk.

Down Range Radio #613: Influencers in Shooting Sports

This week Michael talks about firearm sales, the status of the shootings sports and how much the top shooters influence the market.

Down Range Radio #612: Understanding the Gun Culture

This week Michael wades way into the weeds on understanding the gun culture. He also touches on training with red dot sights including using them on SIRT Guns.

Down Range Radio #611: Upcoming Battles on Gun Control

This week Michael is wide-ranging, touching on the upcoming battles on gun control, how to pick a firearms finish and thoughts about verbal skills during a violent encounter.