Michael Bane

Michael Bane defies stereotypes. He has leveraged a career as a journalist, author, professional adventurer and acknowledged expert on firearms into some of the most innovative — and successful — shooting sports programming in the world.

Lifestyles of the Armed and Famished

In this episode, Chef Mike is cocked and locked and ready for some cooking, but finds time for some gun stuff and shows you the challenges of buying guns in the Philippines.

Down Range Radio #648: Visiting the Philippenes and Armscor

This week, Michael wraps up his trip to the Philippines to visit ARMSCOR. This trip will result in 2 episodes of Shooting Gallery airing in 2020.

Cimarron’s Model 94 in 30-30

Michael Bane reviews Cimarron's Model 1984, talks about the history of Cimarron Firearms and the various 30-30 cartridges available today.

The Pulse of the Firearms Industry

Michael Bane sits down with Jim Shepherd who is considered one of the top experts when it comes to the current state of our industry.

The Yellow Gun

Michael Bane talks about what he considers the ideal gun for National Rifle League .22 Long Range Rifle Competitions.

Down Range Radio #647: Bane’s Plans for 2020

In this episode, Michael Bane shares some of his ideas and plans for 2020. He also talks about all that is related to the "bump in the night" scenario.

Down Range Radio #646: Bane’s 10/22 Precision Rifle – Version 4.0

This week Michael talks about Iterration 4 of his 10/22 Precision Rifle, now with the addition of a chassis system from Scott McRee!

A Remington Custom Shop Model 700

Michael Bane went to Texas to shoot one of the new custom bolt action rifles from Remington Custom Shop.

Down Range Radio #645: Communication and Self Defense

Michael is one of the few in our industry with a background as a journalist. This week he talks about some of his experiences as an interviewer/communicator and how it benefits him even in self defense situations.

Report from the 2019 Rimfire World Championship in Arkansas

Over 220 shooters competed in the 2nd World Championship organized by the Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association.