Lifestyles of the Armed and Famished

Chef Mike

In this episode, Chef Mike is cocked and locked and ready for some cooking, but finds time for some gun stuff and shows you the challenges of buying guns in the Philippines.

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Shooting Gallery Online

Shooting Gallery Online and Down Range TV cover in depth topics and products related to shooting sports and personal defense. Host Michael Bane covers new products from the firearms industry like no other. Together with long time partner and co-producer Marshal Halloway they are once again breaking new ground in giving the audience what they want. The content in episodes is decided based on feedback from fans of Outdoor Channel shows like Shooting Gallery, Gun Stories and The Best Defense.

Michael is also the host of Down Range Radio, one of the longest living podcasts dedicated to the firearms industry.

Featured in this episode:

Cimarron Firearms

Simply Rugged Holsters

SIG P365



  1. Michael,
    That is one beautiful revolver, and also a beautiful tart. I want to encourage you to continue with the baking segments. I am the cook in our house, since I had parents who owned a restaurant for over 35 years, and it just sort of fell into my veins, plus my grandmother was a fantastic cook from the old school.
    She taught me pastry with flour an egg plus water and a teaspoon of white vinegar. Keeping everything cold, of course. I forgot butter, of course.
    I enjoy your videos almost as much as your podcasts. They are always well done, both of them, so props to your crew, and to yourself, for your work behind the scenes at all the production work that no one knows must be done. Next time, how about a southern staple, maybe hushpuppies and catfish, or something like that? No matter what, thanks for the food lesson.


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