Chumming For Monsters

This week we talk about the shooting in Boulder at a supermarket Michael knows well. Can we be constantly marinated in hate rhetoric and not pay the price?

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #62.
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Host: Michael Bane
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  1. Michael,
    I have been away from most social media for a week or so, trying to clear the BS out of my brain. I know that there will always be the “next” shooting that hits the media, but this one for some reason hit home hard. Probably since I discussed with my wife, for the umpteenth time, what I would do if we were there. She said, ” shoot the guy”? I was shocked, and told her ” No, get you out of there”!
    I thought I had been clear with her about this issue, but I was grateful for the opportunity to go over it again.
    She has bad legs, and a hard time walking, and I may have to get creative, putting her in a cart and running like hell, but if she is with me, she is my priority, knowing that just like on the Airplane and the facemask with O2, you have to take care of yourself first, before you can race cars of others.
    The last part about actually getting involved with the situation, with your own gun, is not an easy one, as you said. Partly because our instinct is to engage, no matter what, but the wrong action could possibly cause things to get worse, personally and for those who are trying to get away, and now you are bringing more attention to the area that they might not want.
    Plus, no matter if you are successful or not, your life will never be the same again, just like a self defense shooting anywhere else.
    A very thoughtful, and important podcast, and much appreciated. I also miss Dr.Aprill(sp?), who was very smart, but didn’t need a bunch of big words to explain things, which prices how smart he was. And your series with him, and the test of the crew, basically telling us how to stay alive in the new reality, should win some kind of an award, and should be required listening for those who want to carry a gun, to warn them about the dangers of the real world, and not to think that they are a Navy SEAL because they have a gun.
    I am saddened for those who list loved ones this week to bad people, and that it happened close to your home base. It is a reminder for us all, I guess, that we must be ever vigilant.

  2. Dear Michael,
    Loved “Chumming for Monsters”. I needed to hear your message.
    You offered valuable information. Please keep sharing.
    I also appreciated your reference to Dr. April. His perspective was very helpful as well.
    I am sure you miss him greatly. I would love to read any books, articles he has written.
    If you have any of his written works would you share them?
    Thank you again for your continued podcasts.


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