Controversy on Competition?

It seems that as competitions of all sorts proliferate, social media grousing about competition gets worse and worse. This week we look at why that happens.

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #224.
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Host: Michael Bane

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  1. Michael Bane ending with a weird song? No way…

    Steel Challenge. My favorite because, unlike the other sports you mention, it doesn’t change or evolve much. The physical requirements are not daunting. It is not an equipment race unless you choose to make it one. Shoot what ya brung. The ones I attend have a laid back, friendly and fairly non-competitive atmosphere. You are really only shooting against yourself. The simplicity of “pull your gun and shoot those plates as fast as you can” appeals to me.

    I shoot steel challenge every month at the range you are coming to in Alabama. It is a nice, pretty range in the hills. Hope I can make it to see you there.


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