Down Range Radio #588: Shooting Lever Action Rifles at Gunsite

This week, Michael talks about his visit to GUNSITE last week filming for SHOOTING GALLERY. One of the topics covered is using lever action rifles as home defense guns.

Down Range Radio – Podcast Episode #588.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Marshal Halloway

More information and reference links:

The Michael Bane Blog

Michael Bane on Facebook


Lew Gosnell (Gunsite) Lew Gosnell (Facebook)

Buckhorn Armory

DOWN RANGE Review of the Big Horn Model 89/Ed Head

Skinner Sights “Bush PIlot”

Henry Big Boy Steel .327 Magnum

.327 Federal Magnum

Winchester 1892 Clones (Rossi)

Winchester 1892 Clones (Chiappa)

Winchester 1892 Clones (Taylor)

Winchester 1892 Clones (Cimarron)

Winchester 1892 Clones (Navy Arms)

Winchester 1892 Clones (EMF)

The legendary Browning B92 (discontinued in 1987 by stupid, short-sighted bean-counters…)

And, of course, the original and still in production:

Winchester Model 1892

Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association

The Music of Thee Knaves

The Music of Hideo Osaka Ensemble

Cooper on Winchester 30-30s

C-More Systems

Ruger Charger .22LR

“Waiting for the Sun”/The Doors

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