Down Range Radio #630: Pros and Cons of Run and Gun

Michael reports from his little radio studio in the Secret Hidden Bunker in the Rocky Mountains.

This week, Michael talks about his latest USPSA match and the pros and cons of run and gun.

Down Range Radio – Podcast Episode #630.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Marshal Halloway


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  1. Geeze MB, NYC in 1970s where ppl didn’t back up what they said ?

    Not my NYC. 2,500 murders a year ? Everyone I knew carried a weapon of some kind. It was an ultra violent environment that would go on until Rudy came in and unleashed the cops. Last year in HS 1970 the tactical patrol force (legendary precursor of SWAT) would raid my school. Shotguns, body armor etc. The south Bronx PD precinct was called fort apache for a reason. Gunfights INSIDE my apartment building. Drugs everywhere.

    Suffice to say you were a transient for a few years. I LIVED there for all my life.

  2. Thanks MB! I’ve now heard something more annoying than a potted up cricket.
    May your damned marimba suffer dry rot and termites!
    All the best,
    Jason Boehm


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