Down Range Radio #633: Being a Firearms Training Junkie

This week, Michael Bane talks about training, how you maintain your skills and what’s important. Who you calling a ‘hobbyist ?!?!?!

Down Range Radio – Podcast Episode #633.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Marshal Halloway


More information and reference links:

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“Hobbyists vs Tactical Shooters”/B. Gill Horman

Tactical Training vs Target Shooting

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  1. MB,
    I listened to the show today on my commute and WOW! Your new audio setup is leaps and bounds better than the old stuff. Super clear and crisp audio running at a high enough bit rate that when I play it back at 1.5 times speed there is no noticeable dropout of the audio quality. Keep improving, keep striving. It is paying off!
    Jason Boehm
    p.s. I could really hear you inhale today but that is OK, I switched my EQ to Natural and it muted it quite a bit.


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