Down Range Radio #635: Universal Background Check Laws and Transfers

No one has a clue what a Background Check consists of.

Universal Background Check Laws
Michael Bane's "Generalized 10/22".

This week Michael looks at the way media bias shapes the discussion on the Universal Background Check laws.

Down Range Radio – Podcast Episode #635.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Marshal Halloway


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  1. You sounded great before. Now it is nearly perfect! Great job eliminating the breathing sound. I don’t know how you sound gurus do it but my hat is off to you. Now if we can just get the world’s other podcasters to stop recording shows from their power stroke diesel trucks.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Here is another Universal Background check trap. I go on vacation and have a neighbor watch my house, bring in the papers and mail, and take care of the cats. I lock up my guns and only I have a key. Under the democrats current proposed background check law, that would constitute a transfer of possession and would require a background check on every gun I own. When I come home, the process would have to be reversed. This law is a felony looking for an innocent person to attack!


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