Down Range Radio #641: On The Road With Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery

This week Michael details a hectic, hectic week on the road – from a Remington media event to Bill Wilson’s amazing IPSC Reunion.

Down Range Radio – Podcast Episode #641.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Marshal Halloway


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  1. It is hard to imagine that you can but a rifle from at least three companies for around $300. And they will all shoot close to one moe.
    Just incredible and they will be hold their zero, of you treat them right.
    I have used my daughter’s Remington 783 in caliber .243 for a couple of years now, and I have been impressed with both the gun and how accurate it is. I am not a great shot with a rifle, and yet I was able to hit the center of the target 2 out of three times with the last one hitting about 4 once away. We.always called that minute of white tail. We used to sight in with a 9″ paper plate. If you can keep.all.of your shots on the plates, you were accurate enough to hunt deer.
    I am about that accurate still, but I can shoot a pistol much better and a shotgun even more accurately. I actually used a shotgun for deer hunting most years, but a few.
    I do know that this year I better, since I have been practicing.


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