Down Range Radio #648: Visiting the Philippenes and Armscor

This week, Michael wraps up his trip to the Philippines to visit ARMSCOR. This trip will result in 2 episodes of Shooting Gallery airing in 2020.

Down Range Radio – Podcast Episode #648.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Marshal Halloway


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Music of James Forest

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The Music of Olivier Olsen


  1. As always, a very helpful post. Useful information, and good discussion about Armscor, a personal favorite of mine. Good quality at great prices. I am researching a.357 magnum, in a 4″ possibly by Armscor, or by Taurus. They both seem to make good guns. I have to decide what O will be using this gun for, before I make up my mind. But it is such a buyers market, I cannot believe it. I won’t wait too long. Great podcast, as always, have a great Thanksgiving, with time to spend enjoying friends and . And thank you one more time for your broadcast of gunstories. I learned a lot, after having the book “The Green Mountain Boys”, about many Michigan men who were fighting in Papua New Guinea. It was a horrible and appalling battle, that the outside world knew nothing of, until it was pretty much over. Brave men, very brave men, indeed. It needs to be told far and wide, for all to hear. Nobody can fathom their intestinal fortitude. Truly these men are greater than I.


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