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Title: Episode 458 - I guess I'm a moron
Post by: Frailer on February 20, 2016, 10:55:43 AM
If I'm a "moron" because I finally--after 30-odd years as a voter--decided to express my complete dissatisfaction with the Big Two by voting for a third party candidate whenever there isn't an acceptable Democrat or Republican option...then so be it.

I'm not going to "hold my nose" and vote for anyone any longer.  And I've stopped listening to the shrill "sky is falling" rhetoric from those who can't see past the next election (or their own noses).

I shudder to think what would have happened if Romney had been elected in 2012.  Without a bogey man like Obama to stiffen their insubstantial spines our fair weather friends in the House and Senate would have folded like a cheap card table, and Romney would have signed his second "assault weapons" ban.

But what do I know?  I'm a moron.
Title: Re: Episode 458 - I guess I'm a moron
Post by: Michael Bane on February 20, 2016, 11:49:35 AM
Frailer…please accept my personal apologies. I occasionally say harsh things without thought of how they might affect individuals. Again, my apologies.

I stand by my words, though. So may times in the past we have had an opportunity to turn away from the path we are on, and yet it wasn't worth the effort.

Yes, I have "cried wolf." But the hard fact is that the wolf has indeed been at the door. We have beaten back attack after attack on our gun rights. I have been privileged to sit in some high counsels, and without revealing confidences in some of those meetings we despaired. But we won, sometimes by the proverbial skin of our teeth.

At least in my lifetime, I have never seen so many attacks on not just RKBA, but on fundamental rights — the effective end of free speech on college campuses, social media cooperating with the government to shut down accounts of conservative voices, gutting of the 4th Amendment, the steady and unrelenting pressure from Islamic fundamentalism (remember, "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam"), political correctness wielded as a powerful weapon; Europe is on the brink of collapse from the "migrant" crisis; our allies don't trust us; our enemies don't fear us; the President snubs the funeral of one of the greatest legal minds of our time but entertains the thugs of "Black Lives Matter" at the White House; an avowed socialist running for President with a good chance of winning…

So my apologies for offending you. I will readily acknowledge that I can be, and have certainly been, an asshole.

So if you feel so strongly, by all means stay home. History will be your judge, not me.

Michael B

Title: Re: Episode 458 - I guess I'm a moron
Post by: Frailer on February 20, 2016, 12:58:35 PM

Your clarification is appreciated, but the apology is completely unnecessary. I've been told that I am also something of an asshole at times.

I was not offended in the least.  My intent wasn't to express hurt feelings; rather, I was explaining that some of us vote the way we do for reasons other than ignorance. A secondary motivation was to point out that we might want to choose our words more careful if we truly want to win.

My first career was as a US Army officer. I was perfectly (or at least reasonably) happy with my government until 1999, when I found myself in Kosovo trying to prevent a genocide that *we* instigated; the following April I briefed inumerable congressional delegations, and their questions and comments led to the realization that half of them are clueless, a quarter of them were narcissistic power-seekers, and the remainder were roughly split between decent folks and harmless paper-pushers. In March of 2003 I was on the Turkish/Iraqi border speaking with my wife on a satellite phone.  President Bush announced that we were about to invade Iraq, and I told my Sweetie that I couldn't believe what we were about to do. Based on the information I was privy to, our actions made no sense whatsoever. A year later I was at a table sitting next to Paul Wolfowitz, where I hoped I'd finally learned what this whole mess was about. Instead I learned that the neo-con cabal headed by Cheney learned everything they knew about Iraq from men with their own ulterior motives, resulting in the criminal waste of vast amounts of blood and treasure. Subsequent to that I was in enough rooms with  enough exceptionally powerful men and women to realize that the overwhelming majority people in power (and their minions) do what they do for their own selfish reasons. When I shake their hands I keep my back to the wall and my left hand on my wallet.

After retirement I opted to teach high school. In my classroom I have the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights prominently posted, and we discuss them often. Or, more precisely, I *preach* them often.

I despise the Republican Party every bit as much as the Democratic Party. Neither has any more respect for my rights than the other. In fact, the only time they work together is when they both stumble across a right that they both hate, at which times we get things like the "Patriot" Act.

I *always* vote, but I do so without regard to the letter beside the candidate's name. Some say I'm "wasting" my vote when I cast it for a guy who isn't going to win, but I respond that the goal of voting isn't necessarily to win--it's to make my small voice heard. And I will not speak a lie.

But back on the subject of choosing our words. Respectfully, I contend that we use words like "moron" at our peril. While the left is the enemy in the fight for gun rights, the "hearts and minds" we're fighting for belong to those who are ambivalent on the issue. The left portrays us as angry, dangerous, and more than a little crazy; we reinforce that image at our peril.

But enough rambling. Thanks very much for the response. Hope to have a chance to chat briefly with you over a beer at NRA in Louisville!
Title: Re: Episode 458 - I guess I'm a moron
Post by: aalex on May 16, 2016, 11:06:32 PM
Micheal, You are undoubtedly the most talented podcaster I have ever followed. You are a good writer, a fine spokesman for gun rights and your exploits I read in Over the Edge truly confirm you have balls of steel. HOWEVER! You were way off base in portraying those who see Mr Trump as a clown of the first order in the way you did. I'm 66 years old and have not missed voting in a presidential election since I turned 18. I made some mistakes, hell I voted for the peanut farmer, but I'll have to hold my nose, put on a blindfold and put in earplugs and scrub my memory to vote for "The Donald".
I'm not a hillbilly, I don't care about his orange hair, he's probably not mean...He just never grew up. I'd put "Lyin Ted, Little Marco, Low energy Jeb and most of the other candidates up against this YO YO.

The Dems are a disaster waiting to happen for this country I'll agree. But you might think before you denigrate Americans who want to vote for a patriot who knows what the Constitution means.

                                                                            Respectfully,   Alex
Title: Re: Episode 458 - I guess I'm a moron
Post by: Michael Bane on May 17, 2016, 12:16:12 AM
You guys know I'm an asshole at times. I have been fighting this so long I've forgotten what it means not to fight.

In my heart, I do not believe the U.S. will survive Hillary. I was trained by masters to analyze trends, and the fact that I'm really good at it is why I am where I am today (plus that incipiant assholism). I try to view the world in terms of trending lines on a graph. My knack is picking the right lines out of the thousands of lines out there to follow. Sort of like being a trick pony.

Intersecting lines, the nexuses, never lie. But now the lines scare me. They all seem to be heading toward a big nexus, to borrow a phrase from Robert Heinlein, "The Year of the Jackpot." Trump is a wild card, a black swan. From my standpoint as a guy who looks at lines on a graph, I don't CARE who Trump is or what he stands for...only that he is not Hillary. If he is, as you guys fear, a worst case, we've lost nothing, because the only other viable option is THE worst case. Hillary wins, the lines intersect, and, viola, The Year of the Jackpot! Trump wins, and the graph resets. Maybe it gets worse; maybe it gets better; maybe we buy a few more years to inch back from the abyss.

But make mo mistake about it. A Hillary victory, especially if her coattails change the House & Senate, is a guaranteed trip to socialist America. And the boxcars always, inevitably, irrevocally, head east.

Right now in Venezeula one of the only thing that is selling is birdseed, because you can scatter it around and maybe catch a pigeon to eat. They've already eaten the dogs and cats. That will be Hillary and the Democrats legacy for America.

And that's why I support Trump.


Title: Re: Episode 458 - I guess I'm a moron
Post by: Rastus on May 17, 2016, 04:55:38 AM
How I wish I could be there for that conversation between Michael and Frailer.  I haven't listened to the podcast yet....heck, just trying to keep a job these days is two full time jobs,...but I will this weekend when I have time.  Obviously there were things said.

I liked Walker out of the gate but he imploded and then I was a Cruz/Carson fan and they provided some fodder for the media to blow out of proportion.  I'm so damn mad at the Republicans using us in the past I could spit.  Read some of my posts.  I think our great nation has stumbled and is falling.  Can we catch ourselves?  Regardless of your beliefs which are your own, I think only by the grace of an Almighty God.

Who I guess I'm mad at is myself and people like me.  We put our faith in a system and concentrated on ourselves and families while all the time we knew it wasn't working...our own narcissism.  Not that it's bad to work and have faith in others, but political service is sacrifice done properly and we, as a nation haven't sacrificed.  We let slick talking pols have their way without properly working to challenge them.  Oh, there is plenty of blame to go around...letting 18 year olds vote, Reagan granting amnesty, free trade that benefits businesses more than people...things like that our leaders allowed to be perpetrated on us to benefit someone or some group unjustly. 

Well, here we are.  I've 3 sons and I'm leaving them a nation about to go under with less opportunity than my father provided and it's directly part my fault.  I don't feel inclined to "pile on" by staying home.  Why (despite the petulant Trump who I agree has personality that has never grown up) is it I prefer Trump over the last few candidates from 1992 that the Republicans have offered?  Because I believe he is ideally positioned to fix, with the people's help, some of what's wrong with America which would be by exposing clueless, narcissist, self absorbed politicians who "pile on" to our demise.

To be certain the man at the top, i.e. the President, cannot fix it all.  I'm hoping for a reprieve by electing Trump.  This must be fixed from the bottom up.  We need to work on a local level to cause the political machines that promotes the white teeth and perfect smiles over reality to collapse.  Local success is what turned the tide and carried the day for concealed most certainly did not occur from the top down.  So, that's our opportunity...for us to fix it ourselves while a President forestalls demise.

I wish we were not here in our national history.  I'll listen to the podcast and maybe I'll get upset too.  But one thing is for certain, this election, unlike previous elections, really is for all the beans.  We heard that was the line up in the past and to a degree it was.  I recognize this election differently though.  This time it really is for all the beans and it's truth does not lie upon some political machine's propaganda versus another political machine's propaganda scaring us to get us to the polls. 

If we truly hate the political establishment, the machine, who promulgated bad choices, and worked in concert  with Democrats to weaken our nation in so many ways, then we must support someone who can destabilize the machine.  Cruz and Carson were a threat to the establishment but we have only Trump.  Only Trump left to change things.  Will he?  Well, he's our only chance today. 

Trump may be on a populist wave...but remember it was populism...people supporting an ideal or movement, that brought about huge changes in international politics in the last century.  Why would anyone in their right mind support communism?  Well, maybe it was better than then what they had but mostly because they were lied to in a way they liked.  Sort of like how we've been treated by both parties...lied to in a way we liked.

Regardless, populism pushed the needle for the communists.  Right now we need it to push the needle for us.  So what does that mean?

How I wish I could hear that conversation.  I hope, next year, that the NRA convention is not on a war footing and that I can attend.  Maybe...just maybe...instead of losing 4 weeks vacation another year I can take a week. Just my rambling at 4 AM when I should be getting ready for work.
Title: Re: Episode 458 - I guess I'm a moron
Post by: aalex on May 17, 2016, 09:32:10 AM
Rastus, thanks for your post. You have given us a lot to think over. It does appear our nation is heading toward an epic change. Whether it turns out to be an awakening or a decent into the darkness does depend on us.
 A friend alerted me to a large gathering of gun owners in Washington state. To defy a new gun registration law the citizens came armed, they burned their concealed weapons "permits", bought and sold guns in full view of police and signed a pledge to refuse to comply with the new restrictions.
 Peaceful disobedience may be one of the last cards we have to play. God forbid we should ever have to resort to armed conflict to keep our freedoms but we must be prepared to pledge our lives, our property and our sacred honor to our republic.

                                                                                  Thanks,  A
Title: Re: Episode 458 - I guess I'm a moron
Post by: Rastus on May 17, 2016, 05:55:38 PM
A problem is that it's no longer "our" nation...the people's nation.  It's the politician's, news media's and rich guy's nation and we are the rabble.  We are an end to the means of politicians who get elected and rich guy's who ride our backs (until they can get non-citizen law breakers in our places).  The news media...they are psychopaths who want to worship the politicians they childishly adore.

What is next for this nation?  I do not know.  However, I shall pull the lever for Trump (assumption he's the Republican candidate) over anyone on the Democrat side.  The previous Republican fare since the 90's has merely slowed the decline....they did not stop the decline nor did they reverse the decline.  I want someone who can reverse some of the decline but I'll settle for a stalemate right now to have time to engage the political process.

Voting for Hildebeast, Bernie or like ilk and staying at home, in my estimation, will guide our national footing to remain directly on the slippery slope that now, may cause us to abandon all hope of restoration. 
Title: Re: Episode 458 - I guess I'm a moron
Post by: PegLeg45 on May 18, 2016, 12:55:31 PM
The news media...they are psychopaths who want to worship the politicians they childishly adore.

I agree with all of what you say, and the media are the most foolish of any I've seen.

They pant heavily while kissing the asses of the politicians who are pushing the whole liberal/socialist agenda ....... all the while not realizing that when/if they actually end up getting what they think they want in the end, that they too will have a slot reserved in the boxcars.

Useful idiots.