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Title: Benelli M4
Post by: MAUSERMAN on March 29, 2022, 01:46:36 AM
 I can’t believe the smoking deal I got on a benelli m4. I’ve been wanting  to get my hands one for about 12 years now. Every time I’m close there’s a new milsurp I have to snatch up. Today was just a happenstance. A family friend needed money to move and asked if I was interested. It maybe has about 500 rounds threw it and is in perfect shape. For $1100 I couldn’t say no. He even threw in a choke set and 5 boxes of shells. I’m in ppt jail until April third. I can’t wait to pull the trigger on it.
Title: Re: Benelli M4
Post by: Big Frank on August 30, 2022, 06:31:14 AM
You lucky dog. I wanted a Benelli M4 for a long time, but now I want a Beretta 1301 Tactical instead. It's gas operated so it's softer shooting, and the BLINK gas operating system is 36% faster cycling than its competition. I would never have to worry about outshooting it, because its faster than I am. I found out something about tactical shotguns earlier this year. When you start hanging lights, lasers, bayonets, and what have you, toward the muzzle, you can throw off the weight and balance of an inertia-driven shotgun enough to cause them to malfunction. With a gas-operated shotgun you can attach a blender to make margaritas, right next to your tactical chainsaw and it won't effect the fuction. But if I got a deal on a Benelli M4 you know I wouldn't turn it dowm.
Title: Re: Benelli M4
Post by: MAUSERMAN on September 02, 2022, 12:24:33 AM
All I’ve done to my M4 is get a blue force padded sling and a gg&g light mount. I bought a carlsons breacher  choke  I need to test out. It’s supposed to be an improved cylinder choke. I have to pattern it before I trust it.
Title: Re: Benelli M4
Post by: Big Frank on September 22, 2022, 11:53:03 AM
00 Buck? Number 1 Buck is nice if you can find it. I generally buy No. 4 for 12 Gauge and bought No. 3 for 20 gauge when I was shooting it. But I buy 00 Buck too. 00 or 000 would blow right through the walls of my house like cardboard if every pellet wasn't right on target. No. 4 doesn't have enough energy per pellet to be as much of a problem, but many people say it's also not very effective. From what I've read, No. 1 Buck is the minimum size for people who compromise and split the difference between 00 Buck and No. 4 Buck. Other people say 00 Buck is the minimum size you should use. And some people say a shotgun is only good to fight your way to a rifle with a much larger magazine capacity. Or to arm yourself with when you barricade at a defensive position. I don't know what to think.

I can't put any kind of choke on my Remington Sportsman 12 Auto. I have a cylinder bore 18 1/2 inch vent rib barrel. I have a rifle front sight blade installed on top of the rib, right behind the bead, which I unscrewed and replaced with a plug. I have a Williams Firesight setting here I need to swap out for the brass beaded blade. I already replaced the Williams WGRS peep sight with one of their Firesight ghost rings. The fiber optic rod is bent around in a U shape to make a dot to the left and right of the aperture. I just downloaded pics of it on their site. It slides up and down the dovetail of the old sight base for elevation adjustments, and you can see the screw for windage adjustments in the pics. It's only $11.95 and fits on any of their WGRS, Williams Guide Receiver Sights or WGOS, Williams Guide Open Sights. I guess I need to buy a shoulder pad if I'm ever going to zero in my gun with slugs. I have a bunch of Brenneke slugs lying around collecting dust.
Title: Re: Benelli M4
Post by: MAUSERMAN on September 23, 2022, 03:21:48 AM
I’ve got 4 shotguns in my collection. My mossberg 500 was my first. I shot the hell out of it. Learned how to run a pump very quickly with it. My maverick 88 was an impulse buy during Black Friday. It’s smoother than my 500 and patterns Winchester military 00 buck amazingly. Now my Winchester sxp is my slug gun of choice. It patterns well but shoots slugs like a laser out to about 100 yards.