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Down Range Cafe / Mary McCormack and Bridget Mary McCormack
« Last post by Big Frank on April 20, 2024, 11:05:51 PM »
A couple years ago I was going to post about Mary McCormack and her older sister Bridget Mary McCormack. Mary McCormack played Kate Harper on 48 episodes of The West Wing. And 2 years later she played U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon on 61 episodes of In Plain Sight. Her partner on that show was a man who was a marshal named Marshall Mann. Yes, he was Marshal Marshall Mann. :)  She's been in a lot of other TV shows and movies too, around 70 so far. Their younger brother Will McCormack is an actor too. Anyway, the reason I was going to post about her and her sister is, her sister Bridget Mary McCormack was Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court from January 9, 2019 – November 22, 2022, and Associate Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court from January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2022. I don't think I even knew about it until the 2022 election was getting close. She lost to Elizabeth T. Clement. I just saw an ad that Bridget Mary McCormack made that was a reunion of the cast of The West Wing with her sister and a bunch of other actors from the series. I didn't know who the current chief justice of the state was, and found this when I looked on Wikipedia.
Professional WWII historian here: Like everything else out of Biden's facesphincter, this story is steaming bullcrap on moldy toast. The New Guinea natives had largely put headhunting and cannibalism in their pasts as of 1942, and ONLY brought them back as a psychological weapon against specifically the Japanese.

Even the Defense POW/MIA office and the primary-source WWII MACR's (Missing Aircraft/Crew Record) throw a Big Yellow BS Flag on the play.

Professional historian sez: Go suck a big, smelly brown dogrocket, you pedo bag of crap.

Apologies to the mods, but this IS my profession and this kind of crap REALLY rips my skivvies on both professional level and on a personal one where most of my childhood friends were my grandfather's WWII-veteran buddies.
Cooking & Recipes / Re: What's the last thing you ate or are currently eating?
« Last post by Big Frank on April 20, 2024, 09:23:27 PM »
I like things a little bit spicy. The mild giardiniera adds to the flavor of the sandwich and doesn't burn. Chicago-style is packed in vegetable oil and doesn't taste all vinegary like other giardiniera I ate years ago. I think it's pickled in vinegar, drained, then packed in oil. And it's not enough oil to bother me.

I'm an omnivore, like a coyote or a bear, and will eat just about anything animal or vegetable. I'm eating a meat-free meal right now -- apple fritters. ;D  I might have a sandwich later, and will eat some jerky or something if I don't.

Here's what that Texas Pete Hotter Sauce and Sweet Baby Ray's look like mixed together. The SBR's isn't so bright red anymore, and it tastes good after I shook it all together for a minute. It was way too vinegary and not hot enough before, and if I'm saying it's not hot enough it really wasn't hot, because I don't like things very hot. The mild and hotter sauces together are really good and I ate some more chicken with it for breakfast.
Beef, dip and cheese sound good... the plant stuff not so much. Low heat tolerance, and... well, my nutritionist likes to joke that I have the digestive system of a small tyrannosaur, and the table manners to match.

Plants? That's my FOOD's food, man... :D
Biden: My Uncle Was Eaten By Cannibals in New Guinea.

Down Range Cafe / Re: Classic joke thread...
« Last post by Big Frank on April 19, 2024, 07:03:05 PM »
I was playing a word game on my cell phone when I realized the words ELBOW and BOWEL are spelled with the same exact 5 letters, but rarely do the 2 body parts cross paths. As it should be! :o
Cooking & Recipes / Re: Share those good things to eat!!
« Last post by Big Frank on April 19, 2024, 06:28:56 PM »
My late aunt's holiday cheeseball, only made for Thanksgiving-Christmas and Easter. Hard to believe it's been two years since I last had this, and a year and a half since she passed.

Sharp Cheddar Garlic Cheese Ball

2x 8oz cream cheese, softened
2 sticks butter or margarine
2 jars Kraft Old English Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread (MUST be this specific cheese!)
1 tbsp granulated or minced garlic
3 tbsp vinegar
optional: chopped walnuts, grated cheese (DB note: Try with bacon bits instead!)

Cream together softened butter and cream cheese until well mixed. Add in jars of cheese spread and mix well. Last add vinegar and garlic. (Aunt Linda's note: “I put the garlic in the vinegar while I blend the cheeses.”)

Roll in ball or log. Then roll in chopped walnuts or granulated cheese. Batch can be divided into smaller servings. (Aunt Linda's note: “I usually make 1/2 recipe but the same amount of garlic and vinegar.”)

Maybe make one each way. It takes balls to show up at a party with a pair like that.  ;D
Cooking & Recipes / Re: What's the last thing you ate or are currently eating?
« Last post by Big Frank on April 19, 2024, 06:25:33 PM »
An Italian beef sub au jus, with Chicago style giardiniera, and Colby-Jack cheese melted in the bun.
Down Range Cafe / Re: What happened to the US BUDGET
« Last post by Big Frank on April 19, 2024, 06:21:37 PM »
AS to what happened to the US budget, I had a GIF on my computer a couple years ago that I couldn't post because, even though it was small it was too big. It had someone, maybe the the head of the Federal Reserve Board, turning the crank on a little machine and it was spitting out money as fast as he could turn it. And it never stopped. That's what happened to the budget.
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