Author Topic: Ruger .308 Scout Rifle Released!  (Read 61252 times)


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Re: Ruger .308 Scout Rifle Released!
« Reply #120 on: March 07, 2011, 07:12:22 AM »
Howdy all.

This morning I removed the Rail from my Scout Rifle, as well as the Rear Site, and mounted a Scope. The Scope wouldn't fit with the Rail in place, otherwise I would've left it on. One thing I'm finding with this compact Bolt Action, is that like the AR, it is very adaptable.

In a few minutes one can have a traditional hunting rifle, Scout Rifle, Truck Gun, Sniper Rifle capable of accuracy beyond a lot of shooters (myself included), or any combination there of. This can truly be a one rifle for all task within the caliber's limitations. Since I'm focusing on longer shots, over 300 Yards at a minimum, I'm going with a more traditional set-up for the time being. Later, when i acquire another rifle in a suitable caliber, I'll go back to running a traditional Scout Rifle.

This rifle is sort of like a Lego Building Block for the Bolt Action guy or gal.



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