Author Topic: ATF reclassifies SigBrace... you might want to read this if you have a Sig Brace  (Read 11360 times)


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It all depends on how the serial numbered receiver is classified when the form 4473 is written up.

List it as a rifle, then barrel length must be 16" or longer or it is a SBR...and OAL length has to be minimum of 26" (I think).

List it as a pistol, then barrel length can be any length (again, I think) BUT it CAN NOT have a shoulder stock, or be shouldered.
Now, I was told at a gun shop once that a "pistol" with a barrel longer than 16" could have a shoulder stock (??).

Maybe someone can clarify.... I'm to lazy today to look it up on the ATF site.

I'll have to go to the NFA board and see if it is there.

I heard that if you had a stock on a Contender pistol frame, even if it didn't have any barrel on it, you had to be in possession of a carbine barrel first. I'm not sure if that's right or not.

That was what TC fought, ATF tried to say that if you owned a both pistol and carbine stocks even OWNING a pistol barrel made it an SBR, SCOTUS ruled that it had to be assembled regardless of how the receiver was originally bought.


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