Author Topic: 10/22 Mag extentions  (Read 3770 times)


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10/22 Mag extentions
« on: May 28, 2013, 11:36:35 AM »
Over the weekend the wife and I went out to do our first, of many, prep runs at the range for the Appleseed we are going to in July.  The short version is we decided to go an look at a removable magazine 22 Simi auto and ended up getting to look at the 4 we were contemplating.  We decided on a scoped 10/22 carbine for a number of reasons.   

In the celebrity shoot out I noted that the magazines all had a ring on them to make getting them out easier.  I went to tactical solutions thinking it was there gun the mag extras must be from them also. l I did not see these.  I looked at Midway and did not find them.  Any able to tell me who makes those?  I am wanting to get some so that there is not any fishing around in the 10/22 for the mag at the same time I have to work the release. 


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