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Well This Is Wonderful....
« on: May 12, 2024, 04:46:49 PM »
The headline:  Russia Recruiting Extremists in US, UK, NATO Countries

Explained in the link below Brit intel says Russia is recruiting extremists just like Iran does to hit the UK, NATO, western European countries and the US to attack infrastructure.  Well ain't that a hoot.  I am so glad we have Biden and his useless idiots ushering in WWIII....whether this is true or not.  I am not so certain this is true what with all of the "crying wolf" that "dot gov" throws in our face...aka insurrection, "Covid may kill us all without a jab", global warming, the non-crisis on border crossings (crying wolf in reverse, like BLM & Antifa taking over and trashing federal buildings aren't insurrections), etc. 

Well shoot, if it is true that our infrastructure will begin to be hit then what?  If true and Russian recruited terrorists don't directly hit people and focus on things like pipelines, power lines, water supplies, bridges, etc. ...and oh, maybe train derailments (been some of that lately and it sure looked like an intel/operations probing data collection) how do you respond?  Maybe that solar power thread that's ongoing is more viable than I thought. 

All you have to do is look at New Orleans to see what happens after 2-3 days of no power.  Do that for just 5 or 6 major cities at the same time...we'd be in for marshall law...during an presidential election cycle which sounds convenient. 

I don't necessarily believe the Russians and I don't believe our government (Trump peeing on prostitutes lie supported by intel leaders) or our government's intel partners (Christopher Steele the Trump pee fountain source) either.  What with Biden's track record of trying to pull the rug out from underneath Israel's defense of it's citizens, how he abandoned Afghanistan, called out Japan and India for not wanting immigrants as xenophobic, and has let the terrorist instigator of the world (Iran) off with no punishment after their proxies attacked our bases and our navy (but he does send them, eh?) his administration inspires confidence in abject failure.  The dementia afflicted damnfool idiot is more interested in accepting that a woman is a man, or a man is a woman, or a man or a woman can be any of an unlimited number of sexes and it's OK to have sex with children (sick sob's that they are).  Along with....the 600 pound gorilla in the room is that the immigrant illegal lawbreaker body flood into the nation is to perpetuate Democrat voters in the face of people who have a birthright.

Well, if we are attacked it would be good to have shelter items, food and water available along with the three precious metals; gold, silver and lead.  If I could find a Biden voter now I think it is a good time to sarcastically thank him or her for being their own special kind of damnfool idiot that made all of this extreme danger, anarchy and uncertainty possible.
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