Author Topic: Those Pesky .22lr Brass  (Read 343 times)


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Those Pesky .22lr Brass
« on: January 23, 2023, 11:34:58 AM »
Doing a bunch of .38spl this morning and all of a sudden the Powder Cop screams, S-T-O-P !

Strange, I thought, I mean I have never had a powder issue since I acquired the PC.  Then I looked down in the case and there was something funny going on.

Turns out there was a .22lr brass down there.  It had been there the time before because it was all blown out to match the .357 contour.   Whomever loaded it before, and I don't think it was me, had punched through the little sucker with the de-primer pin and loaded it with the brass in the bottom.   Had to drill out the primer pocket of the .38 to push the little sucker out.  All I can say is, Powder Cops Matter.

Will work for ammo
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