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DRR #569
« on: May 20, 2018, 07:33:03 PM »
Nailed it!

I live in the "occupied territories " and can vouch for the fact that the good people here are tired of being the scapegoats for the failed policies of the Left. We're tired of being demonized by people that lack morals, integrity, and common decency.

The best people I've ever known have been part of the "gun culture." They're the ones who accept personal responsibility, love their country, treat their neighbors with respect, act charitably, and generally make America work.  They're the best people I know.

And they're getting angry. Angry at what the Progs have done to their country, angry at the lies, the deceit, the ad hominem attacks. Angry that the people most responsible for the decay and destruction are pointing the finger of blame at us.

I wear my NRA T-shirts with pride and get as many secretive thumbs up as I do scowls. I think there's a lot of good people who are on our side, but they've been intimidated into silence by the intolerant Left. That silence is starting to break. People are getting bolder, as they get more angry with righteous rage.

I think we're starting to reach the point where the Left has overplayed its hand, and they're going to be surprised when the sleeping giant finally stirs. Look for the midterms to go a different way than they expected.


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