Author Topic: The 8/25/2020 MBTV on the Radio is a must listen!  (Read 860 times)

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The 8/25/2020 MBTV on the Radio is a must listen!
« on: August 27, 2020, 01:18:08 PM »
Michael's podcast, "Weekend at Robbie's," should be heard by everyone in these forums.
  • The whole thing starts with "You Think I'm Psycho, Don't You Momma," by Psycho-Sonic Boris and Hosenfefer. Twisted, funny and just what we expect from Michael.
  • The content starts with talk about his weekend: three days of training with the legendary Rob Leatham in Laramie, Wyoming, as well as some updates on how the wildfires in Colorado are getting uncomfortably close to the Secret Hidden Bunkerâ„¢. It sounds like it was an amazing training session. For us hardware geeks, he talks about his Wilson Combat G19, complete with a Trijicon RMR, that he took to Rob's class. It handled the 1,200 or so 124-grain FMJ rounds fired during the class -- in dusty conditions -- with aplomb. He also talks about his belt and holster choices, as well as comments on some of the hardware carried by other members of the class.
  • He also talks about coming home with a bandaged trigger finger, and grabbing the Taurus .44 Mag. and heading to the range to nail some steel targets! The revolver, along with another .44 Taurus, appeared on Triggered this week. The more compact of the two looked to me like a great do-it-all revolver, like John Taffin wrote about in his articles on "Packin' Pistols."
  • Go to the episode page for a link to a drawing for a really great-looking free medkit.
  • At about 39 minutes in, he says the things I think you all need to hear, on the escalations in violence by the  rioters domestic terrorists, and his predictions for where this is going. I've listened to this twice, and I recommend you give it a listen, too. The anger I heard in his voice mirrors some of the anger and frustration I've been feeling with all this violence against innocent people. He offers several excellent recommendations to us. One of his recommendations may not be what you expect, but keep listening, because his reasoning for that recommendation is sound.
  • He wraps it all up with an awesome Russian rockabilly surf music choice by The Vivisectors, the kind of music that only Michael Bane would know about! God bless him!

Give it a tumble, my friends. I think you'll agree that it was time well spent.

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