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« on: July 04, 2020, 09:51:34 PM »
Spent the last hour standing down at the intersection.
Good sight lines in 5 directions , crappy sight lines in 3 directions and friggin fireworks in all of them.   ;D
They originally canceled all 4th activities , but the guys from Recycled Percussion , as usual, step up and bought a bunch of fireworks in Lakeport, then the city said ok, we'll shoot off fireworks, but no one can go to the park, then Rotary said screw that, use OUR park . I didn't go down there, but they were one of the displays I watched .
I think the PD disposed of all the confiscated ones. Some one over there put on a good show .
I know where a big chunk of that stimulus went !    ;D
I could look around fast enough to see them all.
Hell, Linda Blair couldn't turn her head fast enough.   ;D
I hope this is America's answer to President Trumps speech.
I'm the NRA, and I ain't giving up squat.


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