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Re: Treking Stick
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I use my phone and just post direct from the photo library.


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Re: Treking Stick
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I've never been much for pictures so it isn't much loss.
I hadn't checked it in a couple years.

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Re: Treking Stick
« Reply #12 on: August 25, 2020, 08:15:47 PM »
I agree 100%: if it works, it isn't wrong. I use tool handles for my pila (Roman-style throwing spears).

Dirty Bob

That's something you don't hear about in everyday conversation. I saw a video where a pilum punched right though a wooden shield. IIRC there was another spear just like them but not as big and heavy.

As for walking sticks, I have a piece o' crap Cold Steel polypropylene knobkerrie "African walking stick". The ball on it just seems too big and I may see if I can chuck it in my brother's wood lathe and turn it down some. Maybe then it would be comfortable to hang onto. And I have a 4' rattan staff. It has some dark rings on it and looks like a dried out piece of grass on steroids. It reminds me of bamboo but instead of being hollow it's solid with lots of small fibers running through it. Smaller pieces of rattan are good for caning someone if they deserve it. Unlike wood, rattan bends, I don't know how far, without breaking. I wanted to show one of my friends so I brought it up to my knee and pulled with both hands. It bent and I heard a crack somewhere but didn't see any cracks. It's only an inch thick and I've broken good hardwood for the fire with that much effort. I rounded off the top and sanded it smooth, and I ground the bottom down to a taper small enough to get a crutch tip on.

When I walk around with my stick I know that no matter how hard I hit someone with it, it's still going to be in better shape than I am. But now I'm thinking about buying a tool handle and putting a hook on it. It's a long reach from the tailgate when you have an 8' bed and a fiberglass cap on a truck. Sometimes I can fish things out with the crutch tip on my walking stick but I need something longer. A folding hook that locks open and closed would be good if anyone knows of such a thing. Or if it stows on the side of the stick then attaches to the very end at 90 degrees when I need it would be great. I think it would be good for knocking Frisbees and apples out of trees too.

P.S. Keep on trekkin'.  :)
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