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--- Quote from: Rastus on February 18, 2021, 07:45:20 PM ---Some years ago I got some Craftsman gold plated wrenches.  It during a going out of business and I thought I was retiring and wanted something to remember the old Sears by.

Sears.  Just a real shame they are essentially gone.

--- End quote ---

All my Craftsman wrenches were grease plated...  ;D  ;D
Thank heavens for PB B'laster, ATF and 3-in-1 oil.  ;D ;D ;D

I have two rolling toolbox stacks of Craftsman tools all bought in the late 80's through the late 90's.
The current Craftsman stuff is nothing compared to the OG stuff. Lowe's carries the brand now and much is now made in Chyyyna and cost three times what the US-made stuff did years ago (the higher pricing is probably to influence folks to by the Kobalt brand which is promoted by Lowe's).

When Sears sold Craftsmen there was no doubt Sears was on the way out.  Typical MBA play...guess who gets rich on that one.

Sears, like many large mature companies, started listening to their bean counters as opposed to their founders.  A few decades ago they pulled the specialty tools because the BCs said they took up space, didn't turn over rapidly and showed little profit.   Trouble was, if Joe had to go to a specialty store for a special tool, why not buy the common ones there too?  Result was all their tool sales plummeted.  It was just another nail.

Yep.  The eternal battle between the practical and the bean counters. 

Business' almost NEVER fail because of the workers, unless they are Union and price themselves out of a job.
99% of business failures are due to incompetent management.
Look at Colt, bankrupt during WWII when they were arming half the world.



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