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RE fund the police
« on: September 14, 2021, 09:13:49 PM »
I've been reading a fictionalized series about the Roman Legions, called "Marius' Mules" by SJA Turney.
It finally struck me how the police can not only be self funding, but also contribute to other costs.
You know how they have these inter department softball, and football games ?

Have the riot squads go against each other,
it would be like Rugby only safer   ;D
Get sponsors to provide matching armor, start at the 40 yard line and beat the crap out of each other till one team pushes over the goal.
Need big teams to allow for some kind of tactics,
If it were promoted right it could be the next national sport.
Bets on your favorite riot squad ?
How about The Chicago Crashers, verses the Tampa Bay Tazers ?    ;D

Start up costs could come from the training budget since the tactics are the same, Shove, Stab, Stomp.
The only change is a stick instead of a Gladius. 

I'd pay to watch that .    ;D


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Re: RE fund the police
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2021, 05:02:18 PM »
Aw heck, they already have that.  It's called asset forfeiture. 

One PD department versus a bad guy gang or an innocent motorist.  An unscrupulous DA agrees that it is associated it with drugs or some other illegal activity and "somehow" they end up confiscating the car and everything in it.  Shoot, the "perp" doesn't even have to be convicted and the owner loses whatever...including real estate...with practically no recourse.  All it takes is the allegation of the forfeited asset being alleged to have been in a crime. 

The proceeds go to the police and the DA's office. 

They are one step ahead of you.....heck probably two.  They can take it from innocents who won't fight back.  Let's say you are on a trip and you carry some cash because you don't trust your debit or credit card reliability because they are "stolen" or hacked on a regular basis (and PD does nothing to stop that) and you would hate to be cutoff in the middle of your vacation. get stopped speeding and the popo finds out you have say $1,500 or so in cash and he thinks it's a "stupid reason" to carry cash...he takes it using civil forfeiture because he alleges it has been in a crime and you don't have it for a truly valid purpose.   

Or maybe he finds a leftover joint on your floorboard even though you have never smoked dope in your life.  You can fight for the $1,500 and get charged with whatever dope charges they want to hang on you, or you can drive on down the road and keep your mouth shut and loose only $1,500.

SPIKE THE BALL...they just got some cash for the PD!!! 

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