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Amazon Workspace
« on: December 12, 2021, 03:32:13 PM »
I don't know how many on here were affected by the Workspace shut-down this past week.  Workspace is a cloud system that is owned and run by Amazon.  It was down for several hours on Tuesday.

Chime, Ring, Ticketmaster, Disney streaming, Netflix, and other businesses.  We use Workspace for all of our business side, and lost our system for orders (entering orders, picking and shipping, receiving, billing, receivables, etc.).  Several of our suppliers also use it (JBS Swift, Rantoul, Hy-Life, Cargill, and Smithfield are all ones I tried to work with that day).

We lost the system at 0845 CST and started to get limited access at 1415.  I did not hear from any of our suppliers that they were up until late Tuesday and mid Wednesday morning.  We were not fully up until about 2200 Tuesday.

How simple is it to cripple our nation's economy, and even our daily operation?  One online system goes down, and everything from big business through medium and small business, all the way down to our households are touched and even crippled.  With our nearly complete move to a digital nation, what would a prolonged episode like this mean?  What if there were manipulations of data, or even a wiping of data.

As a side note of these possibilities, I don't use the digital pay or fund transfer systems.  I catch a lot of guff from the younguns over this.  We have a guy that makes our tee times, and most transfer him their payments.  I hand him cash.  Cash is King!  I play in a few pools at work, and again, most pay their way with transfers.  Our boss belongs to a VERY high end country club (Olympia Fields), and this is where we host our golf outings.  A few of us get invited to spend time with the guests each time around.  First issue, it seems that the younger generations don't understand the concept of tipping, they don't understand the value of the service they are tipping and that the tip is all the caddy, valet, bag attendant, locker attendant, etc. receive, and they don't get that they can't Quick Pay a tip.  My point on this is, what happens to your finances if you do not carry more than $10 in cash?  What if the closest to ancient finances you get is a debit or credit card?
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Re: Amazon Workspace
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2021, 07:08:39 PM »
Middle son, who is a casting agent, lost all his casting related software.  Won't lose business, just meant the next couple of days were busier.

I almost always pay cash at restaurants.  If I do use credit card the tip is always in cash.
Will work for ammo
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