Author Topic: COVID, then Ukraine, But what is Government Really Doing?  (Read 1169 times)


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COVID, then Ukraine, But what is Government Really Doing?
« on: March 29, 2022, 08:27:04 PM »
While we sleep the anti-freedom, anti-Constitution, anti-citizens crowd is crawling forward.  Under the dark smokey haze of COVID and Ukraine, our "servants" are doing us harm.

BATFE has issued a letter proposing that they are declaring trigger groups that fire on both pull and release as a "machine gun."  The letter goes into detail that these guns must be surrendered.  Not returned to original, but forfeited.  The Washington Examiner was quoted as having reported this early this year.

Yesterday I read that Illinois is pushing, with a self imposed deadline of a week, a Bill to do away with "ghost guns."  Not only will partial parts (80%) be required to be serial numbered (issued by ATF), but the door is open to ALL parts.

The U.N. is always on the Small Arms Treaty, and in recent talks concerning Ukraine and Russia, it has slipped out again.

These three came to my attention just listening to the news on my commute and popping up on MSN news feed.  I'm afraid to really dig in and see what they are lurking with.

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