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Re: Adventures in Ham Radio
« Reply #30 on: July 16, 2022, 05:27:07 PM »
Wow.  That's way far more than anything I have worked.  I'm just now getting my LOTW information from my Oklahoma home computer to here in Arkansas. 

I still haven't done the digital thing yet....some day though. 

I did get my 80M full wavelength vertical loop repaired and the 20M vertical loop restrung.  I've made a few nice contacts on 6M that I had never pursued before. 

Yesterday I found my mounting bracket for the A144S10 I had jury rigged in a single direction.  I now have a rotor for the thing and a tripod mount to go on top of this old house..hopefully I can hit the repeaters in Tulsa from here (175 miles).  I hit Fort Smith repeaters easily with 10-15 watts but that trip is only ~85 miles.  If I fall short I'll buy another and a stacking kit to up the gain...or maybe try the 14 element Hy-Gain beam..the A144S10 does the job but it's a really flimsy antenna (aka old time TV fold up).

And I got word yesterday that my FRG-7 has been repaired, recapped, cleaned, tuned and burned in for a day.  It should get mailed back Monday.  I like using that thing for AM radio...I try to listen to WWL 870 AM out of New Orleans for the Don Dubuc fishing and hunting show Saturday mornings at 5 AM. 

Also sitting here with a Anytone 5888 to put in the tractor.  It's a knockoff of the Yaesu FT-8800 I hope to setup for 2M and GMRS...since most people up here use the GMRS for hunting and Midland has really been successful in opening up th GMRS market.  I have one of Midland's MXT 115's in the side by side which does a good job. 

I've got a lot of farm/ranch work to do here along with gainful employment before I can ham it up.  Keep us up on all of your accomplishments.

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