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Author Topic: ar build, the hardest question...  (Read 3336 times)

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Re: ar build, the hardest question...
« Reply #20 on: July 04, 2022, 10:17:50 AM »
I like army green.

I was so sick of O.D. green when I got out of the army I wouldn't even buy a T-shirt, or anything else, in ANY shade of green for a long time. If green was only a fraction of the color in a camouflage pattern that was okay. U.S. Woodland camouflage was good enough to wear in a new M-65 field jacket, but I gave my O.D. green army issue field jacket to my younger brother. I like my Rhodesian Brushstroke camo shirt's pattern way better. Not being forced to wear it as a uniform doesn't hurt either. It was well over 35 years after I got that I started to like army green and I just recently started buying it. Some people never get over hating it.

For a few years I've been looking at Robinson Armament XCR rifles I'll never own, but if I did buy one I'd order it in O.D. Green. Every so often, maybe once a month they'll offer a few rifles and pistols for sale to anyone on their mailing list who doesn't want to wait to have an order filled for something specific. Here's an XCR-L, Standard - M-LOK SBR, with a 9.5 inch 5.56mm 1-7 Twist Barrel with Black Cherry Cerakote. It's the first time I've seen them offer that color, or an SBR off the shelf. They also had a nice looking O.D. XCR-M Competition rifle in either 6.5 Creedmoor or .243 Winchester, I can't recall which, and some kind of pistol, a 5.56mm in FDE, maybe.

Here's something that might not look bad on an AR. It's British Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) camouflage. I cropped then patched together a half dozen copies of the same picture until I ended up with a 1920x1080 picture to use for a background. But it was too big to post so I started cropping away until it was a little too small, and stretched it back up. Now it's only 80% of the original size but it's zoomed in a little bit. It still expands to fit my 24" screen without looking bad but I'm going to delete it anyway. I started using Bing Wallpaper and have a new picture on my desktop every day.
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