Author Topic: Ballistic Machinist 75 Grain .380 ACP Interceptor Ammo  (Read 307 times)

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Ballistic Machinist 75 Grain .380 ACP Interceptor Ammo
« on: December 20, 2023, 04:58:06 PM »
I pre ordered some Ballistic Machinist 75 Grain .380 ACP Interceptor ammo from Detroit Ammo Co. They're claiming a Muzzle Velocity of 1200 Feet Per Second out of a 3.1″ barrel, for 240 ft/lbs of Muzzle Energy.  :o  Not bad. And they expand to almost the same exact the diameter as a 10 gauge slug.  :o :o  Of course you're not going to get much penetration from a .380 bullet at that diameter. Only 8 inches of penetration in 10% ballistic gel, but  99.9% weight retention. But, like they say, "Due to the expansion and penetration profile, it minimizes the chance of collateral damage. You own every bullet you fire until it stops. Make sure yours stops at the intended target." If you want deep penetration from a .380, you should probably use flat tip FMJ bullets, which I already happen to have ammo loaded with, in addition to several different hollow-points. Flat tip bullets tend to keep going straight and not veer off like FMJs when they meet any resistance. Take a look at the solids elephant hunters use and you'll see some good examples of flat tip FMJs, and it's for that very reason. The 10mm Interceptor is coming out early 2024 in 135 grain IIRC, and .45 ACP and will follow later in the year, and .40 S&W at some time, probably next year too. .45 and 10mm are being beta tested now. I only ordered 2 boxes of this ammo because it 2 bucks a pop. I figure, maybe I can load a mag (or two) for my LCP with it to carry if the rest of the 40 rounds cycle perfectly, but if I do it won't be the only ammo I have on me. I'll have something I've shot more than "the precious" and have more faith in. BTW the 90gr 9mm Has a Velocity of 1335 FPS out of a 4.6" barrel. 9mm Interceptor has 9 inches of penetration and opens to over 1.0" in diameter. That gives you 356 ft/lbs.
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