Author Topic: FN9, M+P, & EAA Witness comparison follow up.  (Read 6664 times)


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FN9, M+P, & EAA Witness comparison follow up.
« on: December 07, 2008, 05:42:19 PM »
Thought I'd start a new thread regarding the "shootout" between my new FN9, my M+P .40, and for good measure my EAA Witness .40 with ported barrel.

This is my first 9mm, as ammo prices keep rising, and my love of shooting continues, I needed a cost effective round I could not feel bad about shooting a couple boxes of ammo at the range. (like my .45LC) which is in semi-retirement due to price of ammo. :'(

I know I ganged up on the FN9, with 2 .40's but here is my "average Joe the Plumber" type of report.

Ammo: 200rds UMC .40S&W each pistol.
          200rds. UMC 9mm

Distance; 10yds. (range rules) that's the minimum.

All pistols were clean.

M+P is the largest and widest out of the three.
EAA Witness with wonderfinish and all steel frame, with ported barrel is the shortest, but yet outweighs them all. Pretty much a CZ Tangfolio in .40.
FN9 is a hair shorter than the M+P but lighter (loaded) with 10rds in mag, (they both hold more but I kept it at 10).

Balance and grip are too close to call; the M+P with medium backstrap grip feels great, but may be harder if gloved hands were used.
The EAA has a trigger guard that is flagrantly bowed to accomodate large fingers or gloved hands.
The FN9 has a trigger guard that is more rounded than the M+P's "slanted back" style.

Triggers: The M+P is the longest pull as no exposed hammer is a factor. BUT it resets quicker and IMHO has the shortest take up to fire.
The EAA in DA, is a LOOONGGG pull and resets much furthur. BUT the SA follow up shots are almost like blinking. veeerrryyy light in SA.
The FN9 is new and has a shorter pull in DA, but resets quicker than the EAA in DA. The SA feels like a hair trigger as it doesn't take much at all for follow up shots.

Rapid fire is not allowed at this range, so I have no current double tap data. with the FN9. But previous exp. with the EAA and M+P is too close to call for me. I love tham both. Although the EAA with ported barrel, keeps my groups closer. BUT the rear sight is WAAAY TOOO TALL (previous post), Will have to address a sight change for the EAA in the near future.

Recoil: Well, The M+P's length and balance is spot on, the EAA has a ported barrel which feels more like the FN which of course is a smaller round. But 1 handed drills were easier with the FN. As the EAA is the smallest one handed is still stout.

I don't speak the language used by the "pros" in the gun mags, and hope a 9 on 9 challenge can be made by someone here on DRTV soon.

Sometimes hearing and reading an "unprofessional" shooter's opinion/ report,  relates to someone like me who just loves to practice, practice and continually try to shoot more consistently regardless of firearm. I want to shoot my Kel-Tec P3AT, my 1911's, and my others, in the same fashion; Accurately.

They performed without a misfire or FTfeed or eject, I did have a stiff reload of a new mag in the EAA but it was attributed to a "lefty" reloading to battery with another finger. ::) You righties got it made in the pistol world. ::)

All 3 are a nice bunch, I mighthave to get 1 more 9mm before they get "politically" cast in an evil light, after Jan.

Tom W.

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Col. Jeff Cooper.


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Re: FN9, M+P, & EAA Witness comparison follow up.
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2008, 07:34:44 PM »
Nice comparison... and it sounds like you will enjoy them all no matter what.
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Re: FN9, M+P, & EAA Witness comparison follow up.
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2008, 07:36:24 PM »
Thanks for the pictures if nothing else... ;D
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