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Maggie's Birthday Present

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It took two and a half hours of driving each way, sitting around waiting, and getting home after midnight, but last night I was able to arrange for Maggie to get her birthday present.
We met with an older fellow and purchased his LEO brother's  S&W nickel plated model 19-4. It's going to require some cleaning up but it is a little-used police gun with a very light single action trigger. It's gonna be sweet and she's really excited. (Like I'm not...I'll be shootin' that thing too).

She is dead set against dirty porn so I have to wait until she is happy with how it looks and how it cycles before posting pix.
Oh....we also got a sweet price on it...the rest of the family just "wanted it out of the house".

Way to go Jay!!

Dirty porn ???  ;)

We'll wait.

ALLRIGHT!  A wheelgun !  Good choice!  Can't wait for the 'porn'.

Heck yeah....what they said......and congrats again.

Awww.....I kinda like dirty porn   :P
But, I'll wait for whatever porn you want to show!



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