Author Topic: New Millett DMS-1 on SA58 Para  (Read 5198 times)


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New Millett DMS-1 on SA58 Para
« on: January 12, 2008, 08:02:01 PM »
I've had an EoTech mounted on a GG&G QD mount on my 16.25" Para FAL for a while.  While I've really liked the combo and LOVE the EoTech reticle, it seems a shame to waste the longer legs of the .308 on a 1X magnification optic.

I got a Millett DMS-1 1x-4x 30mm illuminated optic for Christmas.  I really like the dot-and-donut reticle (donut is 20 MOA compared to the EoT 65 MOA circle) and the fact that you can use it with no illumination as well.  At $200 is is a bit more palletable to my still-recovering-bank-account than the IOR or Leupold CQT. 

Because the optics do not co-witness to the Para iron sights, I wanted a QD option.  I ordered medium Leupold quick release rings but they don't allow the "bump" on the scope's magnification ring to clear the rifle's Picatinny rail.  I just got the high rings delivered from Midway today (NOTE:  you DEFINTIELY need the high rings!).  Here she is all mounted up.

The optics are clear but a bit distorted at the edges.  Eye relief isn't bad but there is definitely a range you need to have your head in...I've done several dozen fast presentations of the rifle and finding the scope image doesn't seem to be an issue.  The side illumination dial of the MkII scopes is better than the on-top-of-the-ocular of the MkI.    Cheek weld with the ITC cheekpiece is right on.  So far seems like a pretty decent scope that can make a good showing as a CQB optic at 1X and still take advantage of the 4X mag for longer range shots.

Here's a really bad picture of the sight picture.  Sorry I didn't hold steadier when taking the picture. :(

More reports after I get out to shoot it here is a week or so.
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Re: New Millett DMS-1 on SA58 Para
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2008, 01:38:27 PM »
I've been considering one myself.  I'll look foward to future repo :)rts!


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