Hard Facts for Hard Times

This week Michael starts the discussion on how the nature of self-defense will change if the Left succeeds in its war on police.

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #23.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Flying Dragon Ltd.

More information and reference links:

“Violence of Mind: Training and Preparation for Extreme Violence”/Vang Freeborn

“What You Don’t Know Can Kill You: How Most Self-Defense Training will Put You in Prison or the Ground”/Marc MacYoung

“Choosing a Home Defense Shotgun”/USCCA, Scott Wagner

“Why the Home Defense Shotgun Rules the Roost”/Gun Digest, Larry Case

“Should You Consider the AR-15 for Home Defense?”/RANGE365, Tom McHale

“Urban Rifle: 45 Years of Teaching and Training”/Clint Smith

“The Modern Urban Rifle”/USCCA, Gabe Suarez

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  1. MB if ppl would spend the cost of a single firearm and some ammo on securing their home they could significantly increase protection factor. Folks can look up just 2 options for starters…

    Window security film like from 3M. Makes glass windows and doors REALLY hard to break through.

    Laser boundary systems…tech cost has dropped bigly over last decade or so…moves first BG awareness out as far as you need.

  2. I think a lot of viewers/listeners are glad you have finally seen the light and realized that this “pandemic” was based on a ton of lies. When we saw you and the rest of the Best Defense group fall for it…it was severely disappointing. At the very least, you, have come around on that. As to all these riots… The mainstream media is trying to make it seem like the nation is burning. It isn’t. It is their endgame to throw the nation into disarray. Yes, it is good to be prepared and ready. But the vast majority of the US is moving along as usual. If push comes to shove then it will be okay. We’ve listened to you. We’re ready to defend our families and ourselves. But this will eventually blow over because it is just another political tactic. And all the Left’s recent tactics have blown up in their faces, for the last couple of years. Just remember, when big things like this happen…what are we being distracted from? Here is one. The vast majority (over 50 people) of the Obama Admin was just subpoenaed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, today.


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