“Mass Shooting” or “Active Shooter?”

And why it matters! Based on input from top trainer Greg Ellifritz, we take a look at the rise in “mass shootings” and compare them to an active shooter event. How can you defend yourself in these situations? Also, Stoeger’s saga into low cost/high quality pistols continues with the newest of the breed!

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #227.
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Host: Michael Bane

Mass Shootings versus Active Killer Attacks/Greg Ellifritz, Active Response Training

Active Response Training/Greg Ellifritz

GUNSITE: Direct Responser to an Active Shooter (class)

Responses to Mass Shooting Attacks/Gila Hayes, Armed Citizen Journal

Stoeger Pistols

Stoeger Celebrates a Century!

The Music of Kashido

The Music of the Cambridge String Quartet


  1. There is a third possibility; a fake media event! You’re never allowed to question if it even happened. Control access to an area, fill it with your actors, stage the event to whatever degree necessary (sound effects and CGI can be added later, post edit), have your MSM press releases all typed up ahead of time, and tell your paid stooges in the “alternative” media to sell it as real but to blame it on the libtards, open borders, or the cause du jour.

  2. 1) I love the Hall of the Mountain King. I didn’t need to hear 2 minutes in front. I tuned in to hear the podcast. Just sayin’. 8>)

    2a) I truly appreciate you (or Greg) using the term ” active killer” instead of “active shooter”. I hate the media term. Anyone that has shot IDPA hears “shooter ready”. That’s us. Regular responsible gun owners.

    The media term seems designed to demonize people who recreationally shoot.

    2b) Yet your header says “active shooter”. You then reverted to “active shooter” during the show. 8~(

    3) Appreciate your references to knife violence, etc..

    4) Overall, the points made were valuable. Easy win–don’t be there; stupid places, etc; don’t get involved with gang activity; get your family clear either way.

    5) I could not stand hearing “active shooter” any more, so I stopped listening.

    I have no idea if you read the comments, but just in case: “spree killer”, “mass shooter”, “mass killer” are but 3 possible alternates.

    If you are against media term manipulation, please use another term. Please advise other trainers to do the same.


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