No One is Coming!

Once again, we look at the Real World™ and we see that more than ever before in our lifetimes, we are on our own. How do we protect ourselves as the situation continues to crumble?

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #184.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Flying Dragon Ltd.

“The Crime Is The Point”/Raw Egg Nationalist, HUMAN EVENTS

REN Links

“Why are more Americans than ever committing suicide?”/Dennis Prager, FRONT PAGE

“Canada’s assisted violence death rate is 4.45 times the American firearms suicide rate”/Ranjit Singh. BEARING ARMS

Un-Predicting the unpredictable on a Square Range/ Klint Macro, PERSONAL DEFENSE NETWORK

Wholistic Finess, Steve Ilg

The Music of Roy Young

The Music of Assaf Ayalon

The Music of Marcelo Nami


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