PRIMARY MACHINE strikes again!

These guys just do great work at a super reasonable price!

This is one of my all-time favorite carry guns, a Kahr CW-9 9mm. As I think I mentioned in one of the podcasts, I plan on shooting a revolver in ICORE and USPSA competition this year, and I like the Kahr double action trigger stroke as it is pretty close to a good revolver trigger.

PRIMARY MACHINE milled it for a Shield RMSc, one of the new compact red dot sights sized for a Glock 43-ish width slide.

The RMSc has a rear sight notch for co-witnessing, but it didn’t work with the existing Kahr front sight. So PRIMARY MACHINE reached out to Dave Dawson at Dawson Precision to create an all-new front sight for co-witnessing. Works perfect!

These guys just do great work at a super reasonable price!

BTW, gun is a PERFECT fit in the new UM Tactical holster, with which I am tremendously impressed.

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