Slimming Down with the Glock G48

This week Michael picks up where he left off with the Glock G48 and his custom G48 from Continuous Precision in Michigan.

Triggered, previously SGO and Down Range TV, covers in depth topics and products related to shooting sports and personal defense. Host Michael Bane covers new products from the firearms industry like no other.

Featured in this episode:

MB on the G43X and G48

MBTV ON THE RADIO Podcast on the G48/G43X

Glock G48 MOS

Glock G48 Black

Continuous Precision

G48 Review/Rich Grassi

Bravo Concealment

Crossbreed Holsters

Mid-Evil Industries

Shield Arms Magazines

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Michael Bane defies stereotypes. He has leveraged a career as a journalist, author, professional adventurer and acknowledged expert on firearms into some of the most innovative — and successful — shooting sports programming in the world.


  1. A few things, it’s great to see the Red River Peak at the Whittington Center! I’ve spent many months there…I have to get back to see Eric, Butch and the other guys and gals…

    I’ve been messing with the RMRs since 2013, initially and ironically, at the Whittington Center! I found the simplest BUIS and least obtrusive is a line scribed on the rear of the RMR and a gold bead front sight on the front. A simple “Pumpkin on the post” arraignment that will keep me on an IPSC this side of 100 yards if the dot goes down.

    You’ve been blessed to have your home and property come through the fire unscathed!

    Stay safe!


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