S&W’s Blast From the Past!

This week we delve into S&W revolver history with the Second Model Hand Ejector in .455 Webley and a custom piece, a 1960’s vintage .357 Highway Patrolman turned into a 38-40 masterpiece by legendary gunsmith Hamilton Bowen.

Triggered, previously SGO and Down Range TV, covers in depth topics and products related to shooting sports and personal defense. Host Michael Bane covers new products from the firearms industry like no other.

Featured in this episode:

S&W Hand Ejector History/AMERICAN RIFLEMAN

S&W Second Model Hand Ejector History/Mike Venturino

The .455 Hand Ejector/AMERICAN RIFLEMAN

S&W Highway Patrolman .357/Chris Eger

Bowen Classic Arms

History of the 38-40 cartridge/John Taffin


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