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The Tragedy of Caliber Exhaustion!

In a tight market like today’s, adding another caliber to deal with can be, honestly, more of a headache than it’s worth. Also, Rare Breed Triggers fights back against ATF overreach.

A Nation in Distress

This week, we discuss the election, the stunning massive fraud perpetuated by the Dems, the upcoming new COVID lockdown, why you need to carefully examine your choices in trainers, and, hey, even a little about guns!

The Honey Badger on the ATF Chopping Block

Once again pistol braces are in the news with the ATF’s “Cease and Desist” letter to Kevin Brittingham’s “Q” and that company’s Honey Badger AR platform pistol. This is our exclusive interview with SB Tactical’s head and inventor of the pistol brace Alex Bosco.