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Basement Tapes, 2023 SHOT!

At SHOT Show, the real action is always in the basement, and 2023 was no different. Here’s a quick cruise through the room where innovation really takes place. We also caught up with a few old friends!

On Shooting Gallery: Concealed Carry Course with John Murphy

With over 8 million new gun owners in America, a good concealed carry course is essential in filling the gap between shooting skills and all the ancillary support skills every CCW holder should know.

Down Range Radio #639: The Future of Red Dot-Ready Pistols

This week, Michael talks about the implications of a market where red-dot sight on handguns are moving towards "standard". He also touches on the increasing non-permissive environments for concealed carry holders.

Concealed Carry Tips: 7 Deadly Sins and Don’ts

If you carry, or if you’re considering to carry, a concealed firearm for personal defense and protection, heed this list of common mistakes – concealed-carry don’ts – to avoid; they are deadly sins because some of them could get you seriously injured or even killed.

The Concealed Carry Mindset

Ed Head addresses the concealed carry mindset that ensures success in remaining your firearm undetected.

Concealed Carry Tips and Tactics

if you’re going to carry a concealed weapon you need to adopt a way of living that will eventually become habitual.

Test Your Survival Shooting Skills

A reasonable practice exercise which takes you from close to long range with your handgun of choice for concealed carry.

Pistol Provocation

Pointing guns at people you have no intention of shooting to force compliance with your demands is poor business. What are you going to do if they don’t comply? Shoot them?

Concealed Carry Options

Finding the right combination is a never-ending process and there is no one best holster or gun for concealed carry.

Marlin Firearms and other Interesting Gun Stuff

While I've been working I've overlooked some interesting firearms datapoints out there. Most interestingly, earlier this week MSNBC, never a friend of...