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The Best Revolver Training…Period!

We begin our exclusive video coverage of the Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round-Up at GUNSITE! Plenty more coverage coming in January 2024!

Big Wins in the Courts!

This week Michael talks about the federal court decisions on ATF overreach rules. He also takes a look at the classic “swarm” attack in Las Vegas that left a 17 year-old dead.

The Rules of Gun Fight!

Sure, there are tons of Gunfight Rules on the Internet, but Michael breaks them all down into four simple statements (with, of course, a little bit of help from his friends)!

Ultimate Revolver Training Event!

The Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round-Up may well be the ultimate training event for revolver aficionados and anyone looking to up their skills with a wheel gun; also, a blast from the past with “Chef Mike!"