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As the Cylinder Spins..the ICORE Revolver World Championships

The first Revolver World Championships at the spectacular Cameo range in Grand Junction, CO, is in the books, and Michael says it was Big Fun! There were also some important lessons learned.

Are You a Victim of Normalcy Bias?

Sometimes your mind can play tricks on you, and some of those tricks can put you and your family at risk. Michael has some thoughts. Also, why are cities and states challenging the Supreme Court?

The Nearly Perfect “Medicine Gun”

After years of waiting to get a Winchester 1895 lever gun in .405 Winchester, Teddy Roosevelt’s “Medicine Gun” for lions, he finds the new lever in need of a few tweaks. Lever expert Andy Larsson from Skinner Sights is just the person to make those tweaks, and today we unveil the “Nearly Perfect Safari Rifle, Lever Edition.” Also, Dave Lauck’s amazing revolver fixed sights!

Run or Fight? Well, It Depends…

There are no easy answers in self-defense — each violent encounter is unique, fluid, responding to factors that you as the defender can’t know and chocked full of hidden “surprises.” So what is a smart defender to do? Pay attention…it’s all on you!

From the “OH, What the Heck!” Files

A Sterling SMG-styled pistol in...get this... 7.62 X 25 Tokarev! Manufactured by Wise Lite Arms, these have apparently been around for a couple of...